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Hatchery Chicago Newsletter May 2020
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This May, learn how to develop recipes at home and keep learning with online programming.
Hi ,

May is always a month brimming with possibilities and new beginnings. We continue to be inspired by this community that, even when faced with hardships and adversity, moves forward and inspires hope.

While many of the startups we support are facing severe business interruptions and financial hardships, they have stepped up to donate to frontline healthcare workers and people facing food insecurity. Follow us on Instagram for regular updates on these companies and ways you can further their efforts!

Alongside our members who are innovating and pivoting their businesses, The Hatchery has transitioned to online programming so our community can continue to learn from home and launched new partnerships to provide more resources and support.

The Hatchery's incredible community of corporate sponsors has stepped up, donating so that we can provide grants and rent credits to our hardworking small business owners. Thank you, Griffith Foods, Ingredion, and PepsiCo Foundation, for your generous contributions!

We are proud of this caring and ingenious community that brings hope and inspiration to us all even in tough times. Thank you for being part of it.

We want to hear from you! We encourage you to continue sharing your stories of innovation and inspiration with us and to reach out if there's anything we can do to help you.

Be well,
Natalie, Chapin, Alex, Nicole, Dani, Erika, Naihal & Will

The Hatchery Team
Catering Companies Pivot in Response to COVID-19
Many entrepreneurs rely on the spring and summer seasons for opportunities at major trade shows, Chicago's renowned festival season, farmer's markets, and momentous social events.

With many of these occasions being canceled or delayed, we want to recognize one of the foodservice sectors hit hardest: event catering. Several caterers at The Hatchery have seen a severe decline or complete halt in their business.

Shifting to new models, many of our catering members will now be offering carefully packaged corporate catering. If you, your company, or someone in your network is in need of packaged catered lunches, please let us know and we can connect you with one of our many talented event caterers.

If you live on the West Side and are looking to support local caterers, check out West Side Meals, a new partnership between The Hatchery Chicago, Accion, and The Cornerstore Deli - you can order fresh meals for delivery or pick up at Cornerstore Deli!
Announcing The Hatchery Chicago's New Partnership with Mintel
The Hatchery Chicago is excited to announce a new partnership with Mintel, the experts in what consumers want and why. Through our Bloom Membership - which serves entrepreneurs who are building and growing emerging brands - Mintel is providing members with analysis of consumers, markets, new products, and competitive landscapes through a suite of products including Mintel Reports, Mintel Global New Products Database (GNPD) and Mintel Purchase Intelligence. Hatchery members will have access to Mintel analysts to help them interpret what the research means for their specific business goals.

Interested in becoming a Bloom Member at The Hatchery? Learn more and apply today!

Join us for Ingredion at Home: The Basis of Recipe Development
Join us and our friends at Ingredion for Ingredion at Home. We’ve missed seeing Chef and Culinologist Nelson Serrano-Bahri around the facility, but now we get to learn how to bring the professional test kitchen home. Nelson is opening up his home kitchen to teach us the tools and tricks to bring your concept to life and get it market ready!

Nelson is going to show us how to build a test kitchen by looking at the tools and staples he keeps around. He will also be giving us the professional chef shopper’s guide to acquiring these tools. One thing to remember, you don’t have to be a professional chef to test like one!
Community Spotlight: Taylor's Tacos Cares
These are hard times for everyone. Our hearts go out to you all, especially those who have tragically lost loved ones to this virus. The Hatchery's Programming and Curriculum Coordinator, Dani Zuchovicki, recently lost both of her grandfathers due to COVID-19. She, like many others, is facing a new way of grieving, physically separated from the embrace of family.

While navigating this new type of mourning, Dani has found comfort in the love and generosity of the Hatchery Family. Hatchery residents Taylor's Tacos heard about Dani's difficult time and decided to share their love the best way they know how: through the power of dinner. They surprised Dani with a delicious taco-filled care package, hand-delivered to her doorstep with a personal note.

The Hatchery team is honored to work with kind and dedicated entrepreneurs, who, even as they fight to keep their businesses going, give back to others. Along with their acts of personal kindness, Taylor's Tacos has been donating 300 box lunches a week to the Howard Brown Health Center, all while pivoting their business from events-based to delivery.

We encourage you to support this amazing small business by ordering dinner from them this month!

Partner Resources: Information on financing, loans, and general small business support from ICNC and Accion
Visit ICNC's website to view a list of a wide variety of COVID-19 related resources including details about access to food, unemployment resources, funding opportunities, and more.

Visit Accion’s emergency capital webpage for the most up to date information on small business grant and loan opportunities.

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